Shellt Grow Tubes 15”x3”x3”


15″ grow tube improves growth and protects.


15″ Shellt Grow Tubes improve growth and protects.

Vertical gaps in the tube improve ventilation while still protecting from unwanted chemicals. Tubes are ready to use and easy to open and close with two clicks.  Consequently, no ties or tools are needed for plant stabilization and they are easily removable without damage. ​ This product is ROBUST, REUSABLE and 100% RECYCLABLE.  Consequently, they can be treated with UV inhibitors for many years of use.

Tubes ships and stores flat.  Open flat measures = 15″x10.5″

Units can be easily combined to create a wider or taller grow-tube.

Tubes protect from animals, equipment, wind, sun, undesired chemicals.

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Weight 0.5 lbs