Look at all the advantages Gintec ProGuard netting offers before you decide.

Stays up all year! Pro Guard is designed to stay up all year, even at harvest. You do not have to remove and store the netting, resulting in labour savings. Even if you decide to remove it every year, Pro Guard is easily installed and removed compared to conventional bird netting. Ask about our “Grape Machine”.
Trains shoots! When applied early enough vines do not require tucking; vines grow up through the center between the netting for additional labour savings from tucking.
Improved Bird Control! Exclusion is the best single method of reducing loss and damage due to birds on grapes. The smaller openings in our net stop the damage due to pecking through the net compared to regular netting.

Hail protection! Added protection against hail.
Wind protection! Keeps everything compact to prevent damage from strong winds.
Fewer large insects and MALB! Netting makes it difficult for larger insects to get at the grapes.
Thermal effect! In certain areas, netting can be dropped early to create a thermal effect that puts heat into the vines earlier in the spring.
Reduced sunburn! The netting reduces the damaging effects of the sun in high UV periods.
Improved spray coverage! The netting shatters the spray drops deflecting them in all directions for an improved coverage area.


Vine Morphology! When netting is dropped early, vines adapt to the netting to minimize any negative effect of the netting.

Reduced labour! Reduced tucking, the ability to leave the netting up year round and harvesting with the netting on can reduces your labour costs.

Reduction of desease! Damaged grapes leaking into the cluster can cause mold and disease.

Ice Wines Netting! A special Ice Wine reinforcement tape is fastened to the bottom, holding grapes until harvest increasing yield by reducing waste. The Ice Wine tape also allows the ability to mechanically harvest Ice Wine at speeds over 3km/h. Less shaking is required, reducing the damage on the plants.

The structure of the weave of our netting makes it easier to control and easier to work with. Gintec Pro Guard is made of H.D.P.E. (High-Density Polyethylene), 4mm x 7mm (0.157″ x 0.276″) mesh openings. Reinforced edges designed to withstand top hooks and bottom staples. Standard widths available are .8m (31″) and 1.1m (43″), also, drape over if quantities warrant. The technology is from Europe, and has been in use there for decades. Gintec Pro Guard is U.V. resistant, tough material. With proper care netting can last 15 years or more.

“It saves the headache of installation and removal of nets. This will amount in a labour savings as well as allowing workers to concentrate on vineyard and maintaining vines.” – Mike Burns, Carmela Estates

“Love the durability of the netting and fine enough to keep birds out. Best netting I’ve seen to keep tonnages up when harvest is delayed especially for Ice Wine.” Jon Wiley, Erigan Valley Vineyards

“Effective at preventing bird losses. Don’t have to remove and store.” Doug Whitty – J.D.Whitty Farms