ProGuard doesn’t cost, it saves!!

When you do the math,   ProGuard doesn’t cost, it saves!!

Mechanically harvesting Ice Wine has many advantages over hand picking but not all nets are the same. If you could pay for your netting in the first year just on what you normally lose, wouldn’t you think about buying it?

Sample Calculation, Vidal in NiagaraLoss
Average Yield
8-12+ tons/acre (assume 8 ton / acre)
8 tons/acre
Average loss vs. large hole netting 20-50% (assume 15%)8 tons/acre x 15%=
1.2 tons loss per acre
Average yield per ton of Grapes
200-350 L/ton (assume 150 L/ton)
1.2 ton x 150 L/ton =
180 L loss
Price per L $15-20 (assume $15 / L)180 L x $15.00 = $2700/acre loss

$2700.00 per acre will more than pay for the netting in the first year alone!

This does not even take into consideration the speed at which our netting can be harvested and the labour savings from going over vineyard hand picking behind the harvester.

The ease of installation and removal (if required), storage, longevity of the netting and the versatility makes   ProGuard a great investment!

Imagine if you pressed 250 L/ton and was paid $17.00 per L, you would get an extra $5,100.00 per acre! Estimated numbers are conservative and individual results can be and have been much better!