Stay-Tuff Fence Manufacturing offers a high quality line of fence tools and accessories required to build your high-tensile wire fence. We have searched the world and picked the best tools available in each category. Our fencing tools and accessories are all part of a system that when used together will allow you to efficiently erect, tension, splice and anchor your Stay-Tuff™ “fixed-knot” fence. Every product we manufacture is made from the highest quality materials and comes with a 10 Year Warranty.

Smooth Wire Puller

The smooth wire puller is used to tighten smooth wire. The two wires to be joined are locked into the two self-clamping jaws and then pulled together by winching the jaws up the chain. The tool comes with 4′ of chain for ease of use and has cast alloy jaws that will not wear out.

Inline Strainer

Kiwi Ratchet

This ratcheted inline strainer is used to join two wires. The wire is feed through the center of the ratchet spindle and tightened with a Ratcheting Tensioner Handle. Ratcheting Tensioner Handle comes with a spring loaded pin for ease of use.

Hi-Tensile Wire Cutters

The Knipex parallel jaw pliers make cutting Hi-Tensile wire a breeze. These high quality pliers really make fence building easy. They have a sure grip and don’t require a large hand to operate them.