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Whether you’re a confused beginner or established fruit grower, Finger Lakes Trellis Supply offers comfortable, easy service and convenient product ordering. Shop our on-line store or fax your orders for prompt delivery.

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As you browse through this website, you will learn just how the trellising concept works and what products you will need to achieve success with YOUR trellising system.  Take a few minutes to get familiar with this site and how to order your supplies in the quickest and easiest way. If you still need help with your trellising projects- Todd, is always available to help with your questions.
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Our Mission

Finger Lakes Trellis Supply will remain a recognized distributor of specialty supplies and services to the Orchard, Vineyard and Hops industries throughout the United States and Canada.

Finger Lakes Trellis Supply will continue to develop strong relationships with key customers and suppliers in order to be viewed as indispensable partners, rather than just another supplier.  We work closely with each customer to recommend products unique to their application.  Finger Lakes Trellis Supply seeks out and works with suppliers and manufacturers we represent to deliver the most innovative and exciting products possible to the customers we serve.  We are not only selling superior products, we are selling superior service.